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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Toysday: Cybonic Plague

     When a particularly aggressive form of Cybonic Plague hit Cybertron



Even Primes of old...

Stopped fighting to remind everyone



Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Toysday: A Tale of Two Seekers

     Really only one- we have gotten two excellent Starscreams, both Voyagers, one a Cybertronian Tetrajet ...

 and the other an earthmode F-15 Eagle

Both look very G1, have excellent posability, and playability. I think the eathrise Starscream edges out the Siege by a little for me.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Toysday: Siege Reigns, and EarthRises to meet it...

     I first saw Earthrise in the form of micromasters, which I am not real focused on. They were at my Littleton south Target. but I stopped at two more Targets that day, and Edgewater's Target bore Strange Fruit...Cheddar-Orange and black as night. I "Grappled" with the decision, but bought him.

     And then... Bone Dry.  The Micromasters, and then not even them. For about a week.

     And then Optimus Prime, and Wheeljack

Wheeljack gives me a G1 Vibe, but also a serious wrecker TF-Prime Wheeljack flavor, so he needed swords. and probably Grenades. He carries off some serious articulation, too.

These past two years have held a wealth of G1 style Optimus Prime, From Siege to the BB Movie Prime, but this may be the best. Trailer/battlestation,

 Conparison with Siege OP from the back- His rifle folds for storage

 opening hands...
 Shield comes off the door of the trailer
 Even the matrix of leadership-removable

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Toysday: Inglourious Metal Basterds

     Whoever is designing this series for Toyworld is OFF the HOOK...- Almost no kibble, almost nothing wasted and nigh masterpiece level complexity in the size of a voyager or small deluxe.

     These are Studio Series Scale, and movie-verse style. I pictured Bulldog here before but I wanted to get a few more angles, to truly appreciate his Deco, and his weathering

     Then there is this yellow, Mercedes German Staff car (Typ 320/W142). Why such a color? Maybe it's from the African campaign, Ferrying Rommel around...

     Or maybe, it's no car at all?

The Gray version of this is more screen accurate, but in screen accurate vs. shelf-accurate...

It's Shelf-accurate in a walk. (Shelf accurate is whatever I think will look best up there)

This is the Hasbro Studio series version. he's and armored car rather than a Benz and he has a hell of a backpack on him, but he's by no means a bad toy.