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Monday, January 6, 2014

Transformers Prime Part the Third

     Summary of season 1 and a link to episode summaries

     This iteration of Transformers is my favorite since generation 1, and the storytelling here is amazing. The characters have depth, feeling, and there is no reset button. What I mean by that is this:

     Back in generation 1, in the 1980s, every episode ended with the Decepticons in retreat, battered and dinged up, but the next episode they would be back with all injuries repaired- there were few multiple part episodes, and in most cases the shows could be watched in any order with no confusion. And lets face it, that was the storytelling of that era. Go watch the Dukes of Hazzard if you doubt that-hell, go watch it anyway, it's probably better than you remember. But I digress- up until the tranformers animated movie in 1984, we had a reset button marked "Status Quo" and everything went back to where it was for the next episode.

     In Transformers Prime....not so. Oh so very not so. the story opens on Cliffjumper, talking to Arcee, and his spark has been extinguished by the end of the first episode. Gone, not forgotten, but no coming back from it. It leaves the survivors to react with all the ways survivors act: guilt, anger, emotional shutdown...

     In each episode, they build upon what has happened before, and very little is not significant, as the season builds to it's climactic battle with Unicron and the price that is paid for his defeat, only a small part of which is a run-on sentence

     The Characters: Guilt by Word Association


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