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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Assembly Complete

     As I sit here, with Applebees in my belly, and a gorgeous green parrot grooming on my shoulder,  I have seen the age of Ultron come, and have seen it pass. I have seen Avengers retire, and new ones step up.
Age of Ultron was a hell of a good ride. Good, consistent, character development from all that has gone before. New characters brought in ways consistent with both their comic origins and the Marvel cinematic universe.
The movie was worthy.
So was I.

     There were a few concessions made to simplify the mythology. Ultron was originally the brainchild of Dr. Henry Pym, rather than Tony Stark. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff were mutants, not experimentally enhanced. And the Vision had a brain full of Simon Williams rather than Edwin Jarvis.

     All considered, however,they did the best possible job on the framework laid down by prior films. We get a dose of Pym particles in a couple of months time with Ant-Man.
     So Ultron shuffles off to sulk, to commiserate  with Proteus IV, Skynet, HAL, The Architect, and Brainiac about what might have been, and to think: " Next time..."
     And me? Well I want to pick up age of Ultron on DVD. Today. Not possible, I know, but the want is there.

Looking forward to Ant-Man  and Tomorrowland

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