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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Optimus and Elita Sitting in a Tree

Size comparison with Toyworlds "Orion"


I can't make the meter work on that.

9/17/1984: Optimus Prime arrives on network television(I think on Fox 31 KDVR locally) and kids and some adults go wild for him. his toys fly off the shelves- Red cab, grey trailer. Voiced to perfection by Peter Cullen, he is a badass without needing to be rough, confident enough to be gentle and fatherly

11/12/1985: Elita One Arrives in an episode titled "the Search for Alpha Trion" and her toy ...fails to even fly onto the shelves. Or be molded. Or even designed. She is voiced by Marlene Aragon, and she is the Yin to the Yang of Optimus, the Hera to his Zeus.

       For nearly 30 years since that time, we have been fascinated with the female autobot. Arcee arrived in 1986, and got a lot more airtime in season 3, and has popped up here and there since. Hasbro conceived of and discarded possible toys for her multiple times, and when they finally produced their G1 inspired Arcee, she was heavily influenced by the engineering of a third party toy.

G1 Elita never got any love until Mastermind Creations retooled their "Azalea" figure into her.

     But where did the mysterious Elita One spring from?? How was she the counterpart of the autobots perfect leader?

And why is Aldo in this picture with her?

     The episode War Dawn gives us the origins of both Optimus and Elita. Wounded almost to the point of extinguishing by Megatron and his cronies, their damaged shells are brought to Alpha Trion the Sage (and secretly one of the original 13). He rebuilds them- Better...Stronger...Faster, they Begin as Orion Pax, and Ariel, peaceful and carefree. they emerge as Optimus Prime and Elita One, with a love forever parted by the eternal war. And Optimus and Elita have compatible power filters... Love is complicated when you are Cybertronian.

Fancy aircar, or really, really good Robot Yoga? 

I think Robot Yoga is "roga"

Size Comparison in Alt-mode

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