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Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Box from The Toy Box

       My friend and fellow blogger over at the Toy Box sent out a a box of goodies as part of the last Round Robin challenge. It was not a small box. It was of significant size. I and my bestest buddy Tango undertook the task of unboxing and photographing everything this morning
     What a selection inside! the first thing I pulled out was a beautiful set of binoculars, packaged up in their box, These are going to make birdwatching great!

     The next thing I found was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Tango took some interest in Raphael. 

This is the original style of artwork, from the Eastman and Laird comics, when it was
more of a satire. The turtles in their first incarnation were mutated by the same
substance that gave Daredevil his powers and took his sight 

The Shredder- with Grate power comes Grate responsibility. Cheesy joke?

I love the color effect. comics inked in 3 dimensions

Adam of Eternia popped out next

Followed by Ram Man

I can't look at these old filmation characters now without thinking of
"Son of Zorn"

Of course, speaking of TMNT Comics, here is a large helping of Archie Digests. I have been watching "Riverdale" on the CW and I Don't remember Archie being much like that..;.this will be back to roots I suspect. 

     I know little of Five Nights at Freddys, but this appears to be "Foxy" and "the Puppet" according to my researches

For the Culinary Portion of the box...Pocky and Star Wars themed cookware!

the Artoo measuring cups and spoons...clever as hell!

Probably not the Space Cowboy(that would be Terra Man) but he might be the Gangster of Love
She's likely going up next to my Bomshells Wonder Woman and Groot
And it's always good to finish with some Lego- I am no master Builder- I used the instructions

and Tango helped- mostly by staying on my shoulder and not stealing any pieces. 

Lego never fails to impress me with it's innovation. 


  1. Im finding it virtually impossible to keep up with these challenges. I never know where the post is coming from or where to look for it. By the time Iv found one 2 have past. Maybe I just follow to many blogs.

    1. I can see that. I have missed the last 2.

  2. Damn,that's a great toy box from the great toy box!

  3. That is amazing! I have been looking for those turtles for a while. Especially the exclusive shadow Leonardo.

    1. I have two more sets of all three if you want one.

    2. That would be sweet! What would you like in return? What are you collecting?