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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

In Memoriam Telephonis

     This is a Memorial for my first Smart-phone, the LG Optimus Fuel which bricked last monday

     The pictures are courtesy of my new LG Rebel LTE which takes better pics and is generally an upgrade.

    I'm a little sentimental about the old one because it was my first, and it was a great story- I bought the phone brand new for $5 on sale, brand spanking new. It also had an awesome hard case (now casket) that I bought it.

     The new phone was a price point of $30 on sale through my provider, with free overnight shipping, so the only real inconvenience is the loss and subsequent recapturing of some contacts.

     The moral here, is twofold. Plan on replacing every year or so, as that phone lasted just under two years(August 2015) and back up my damn contacts.

     Here endeth the lesson.


  1. I keep at least half my brain in mine these days...

  2. Does one become a rebel after running out of fuel?