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Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Movie Musings

     A new feature here at the hideaway, not necessarily full reviews, just thoughts on what I am watching.

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     Spider-man Homecoming was excellent- wonderful cast, not a change I would make. Michael Keaton makes the Vulture a complex and human villain, sort of an Anti-Tony Stark- a family man, forced onto the wrong side of the law by circumstances, yet with an honor code of his own.

     Peter looks like...acts like...has the concerns of...a High school student- He has to worry about attending and passing his classes- and he is casually smart. He doesn't have to make a big deal out of having the answers, he just knows them.

     His friends, family, people he knows in the neighborhood... all form a very gentle tapestry of film, rather than the hard-edged Spider-man films we have had before. Tom Holland is engaging, and actually knows how to smile! I'm hard pressed to say whether this one or Wonder Woman was actually better, because it's super-close.

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     Other Stuff- Discussions with the Amateur Skeptics on the podcast got me thinking about the movie A.I. by Spielberg. I wasn't a huge fan of the film when I saw it, and watching it again over the weekend, I still found it disquieting...The thoughts it left me with are:

  • How much is one more good day with someone you love worth to you?
  • You are responsible for what you tame. I was incredibly upset at the scene where Monica abandons David and Teddy in the woods-Sharp echoes of abandoning a no-longer-loved pet, even though she did it so he would not be destroyed. She was selfish to imprint him in the first place if she was unsure. 
  • The Flesh Fair was humanity at it's worst, proving itself "superior" by barbarically killing what is copying it. The fact that they couldn't kill a child-shaped mecha does not forgive them. 
AI is not supposed to be a comfortable movie- it's not supposed to make you feel good. it's supposed to ask questions there are no answers to. All I know is it makes me want to go hold my birds and never let go. 

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  1. I don't remember much about AI other than I really didn't care for the film.