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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Retro Revival Blog Challenge: Forgotten Food and Dining Experiences

     I get nostalgic about food, just like a lot of folks do. My Dad's Saturday morning pancakes, with just a little wet batter in the middle and a big lump of cold butter dabbed on there- with Karo syrup, which I thought was fancy at the time. Toastettes toaster pastries with sugar crystals on the outside and the scalloped crust like a real pie. Tang, which still exists but I never buy anymore.

     I mentioned this first place as part of this post but didn't really do it justice.

     There was once a place on south Havana street in aurora called "The Yum Yum Tree" It was one third Mall food court, one third buffet, one third games arcade and two thirds awesome. You had this indoor plaza/court of individual restaurants of many types, with arcade games scattered about. I recall my first real tastes of barbecue and other things as being there. I guess it faded into obscurity right about as I was entering high school, but I recall quite a few enjoyable times there. Of importance to note is while I recall enjoyable times, it was probably nightmarish for parents at that time and would be more so now- questionable food, and unsupervised kids...

     Far more palatable to my folks was the Organ Grinder Pizza; It wasn't the games on this one, but old movies accompanied by a truly monstrous pipe organ that you could see the workings of through the window- The organ was truly a work of extremity and art

Here is a video of some photos of the place in it's heyday-

     And one more...The 94th Aero Squadron- Built at the Stapleton Airport, with a WW1 french  chateau theme, I remember cool meals there with my parents while we watched the planes take off and land- there was a replica Fokker Dr12(the plane made famous by the Red Baron, who was also famous for his Pizza) The restaurant was a pricey but very cool place to eat- I recall shrimp in some sort of pinkish cream sauce.

     Unlike the other restaurants I mentioned this one actually burned and never re-opened, and even that airport has closed in favor of DIA-

     I wound up making myself wistful for those places- on my way out to make new memories and eat new food

    Here are some other takes

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  1. My Mom only bought Karo syrup. We used it on pancakes, and she also mixed with with peanut butter for sandwiches. I grew up with the thought, and still hold on to it, that it is the Cadillac of syrups. Others can keep their Mrs. Butterworths, and the other brands, and I'll keep on enjoying Karo.