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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

League Assignment: Jumping the Sharkticon


     In September 1984, Transformers, More Than Meets the Eye Premiered on TV in the afternoon, and I was hooked. I didn't know that it would lead to a lifelong love, but it was sure cool! Robots- Alien Robots- who would change into inconspicuous objects (generally) to avoid detection by human and by their enemies. We got two seasons of this, with good, so-so, and maybe a few really bad episodes. One thing we knew through thick and thin, though was that the battle would go on, and we would be there to watch it!

     Then, the news got even better! There was going to be a transformers animated movie!


     Introducing: Transformers the animated wanton slaughter of all of your toys

The Death of Brawn...Why, Primus, Why???
     I'm not even talking about the death of Optimus Prime here- he died a hero, true to his principles. He got a good, onscreen death. But the 5 minute slaughter of all the characters we got to know and love over two seasons, as the Decepticons took over the Autobot shuttle...

     Let's just say that we really didn't need the scene to establish the Decepticons as cruel and merciless.

these are Sharkticons; now jump!
     I understand now, and I think I understood then, that the movie was intended to establish new characters, and to sell the new toys Hasbro was releasing. We were intended to bond with Kup, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, the way we did the original cast. And yes, I did come to care about these characters, but the third season was always stained for me. A piece of my innocence was taken away. I felt like the characters were...second string? Even Rodimus felt like he was just not as good as Optimus, and would never be the leader Optimus was.

     I'm not saying season 3 didn't have some episodes I really liked..."Only Human" is still a favorite, but the fan reaction that led Hasbro to resurrect Optimus in the last episodes of season 3 never really went away, and the show never really came back. we got a little chunk of season 4, and then silence (in the US) until BEAST WARS.

      For me, the shine was off that armored exoskeleton until the 2007 movie came out. I guess you could say it re-ignited my Spark. As loud and needless as some of the live action movie was, it did remind me what I liked about the original series...and Optimus Prime was there for me all over again.

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  1. Honestly, you can even hear the board members saying "just wipe the slate clean ASAP" during that time.

    Millions of years of fighting and all of a sudden the 'Cons just wipe half of them out.

  2. yep- apparently all it took was one good ambush...which begs the question, why millions of years of fighting???