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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ninja Geese

There are 3 types of Greater Canada Geese.  These images are not about the hungrier, more predatory Velocigeese.  These images are a prime example of the stunning cleverness and adaptability of the Ninja Geese.

<--Note the deliberate ruse of warmth in the eyes?  It's all in the name of getting you to be too awed by the Ninja Goose's cuteness to not notice the weapon cleverly disguised as an oar.

Note: The use of children and purpose in a non-winter scene?  All the easier to blend in! Ninja Geese know you won't recognize their coats are not as snowy white as a swans, or as ebony as the feathers on a black swan.  They know our primitive brains will notice the white, and the black and assume these are a type of cute, harmless hybrid of the white and black swan.        ---->

(Images are from Dreamland Amusement Park by Big Fish.)

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