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Friday, July 11, 2014

Separated at Filming 2

     Take a young man, recruited by a ancient secret organization, for the primary pupose of destroying his father, and what do you get?

you get this

and this

and possibly others I have not thought of yet

In both works, the young man is deceived into becoming a weapon for the good of the world(or galaxy) but primarily to destroy what their fathers have become. In both works, the fathers are destroying the organizations. In both works, the lofty goals of the organizations in question have gotten lost

   Yep, going to elaborate on that point. The Jedi are in a long term process of breeding force sensitivity out of species by finding young sensitives and making them part of a celibate order. It's not their stated goal, but it is the eventual conclusion, in this authors opinion. The Fraternity has been perverted by one man, who has started choosing the targets instead of following the neccessity of fate...sort of like if the Jedi Order had made Palpatine the head of the council

     In both works, you get a kind of clean slate ending. The Jedi and The Fraternity are each down to one man, to abandon or to rebuild

     So would you rather curve a bullet, or have a lightsaber?

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