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Saturday, July 26, 2014

League Assignment: Don't Touch That Dial!

     I love my Media- TV, Movies, Books, you name it. Like a Don Juan of the Airwaves, I fall in love, I court, and sometimes the love lasts...and sometimes I fall out of love. Sometimes things pass before their time, and sometimes they trip while jumping the shark and get eaten. Allow me to be kind of a dick(ens). This Night you shall be visited by Three Spirits...

     Ghosts of Media Past
Gone long before their time: 
Still here, but kind of dead to me
  • Modern Family- the same plotlines now as every other damn sitcom
  • Last Man Standing-gotten kind of mean, and the actress swap on the oldest daughter is still jarring
  • Bones -just not really engaging me like it used to
...Why is it still on the air???

     Ghosts of Media Present
Eagerly Awaited each week
With Slightly Less Anticipation, like old and trusted Friends

     Ghosts of Media Yet to Come
Who knows what the future holds?

Here is the Nielsen roster from the rest of the league

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