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Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's Time to Eat Your Vegetables

     Back in the old days of 2007(seven years ago today, in fact), this crazy movie came out. It was part action movie, part video-game shooter, part ultraviolent live action cartoon even. It combined cheesy dialog, referencing Bugs Bunny and Brer Rabbit with barely believable action sequences and it was a lot of fun to watch again

     Part action film, part action film parody (maybe)

we have

     The hero, "Mr Smith" sees a pregnant woman running from some thugs and gets involved, and winds up taking care of the baby

     things I learned from this movie:

  • Even  a disaffected loner with anger issues can be a hero with near supernatural gun skills
  • It's good to know a lactating prostitute, just in case
  • Carrots are useful for all kinds of things
  • It's wise to have clear cut boundaries on the things you hate and the things you don't
  • When you run out of bullets, there is always another gun to pick up
  • Even a disaffected loner with anger issues can make a fatherly connection with a baby over a gun
  • Even a psychopathic overconfident bad guy had better not be late to his son's birthday party
without spoiling anything, this is a fun, violent, film. If that is your cup of tea, give it a watch

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