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Sunday, August 31, 2014

League Assignment: Dinner Party of Five

     a Dinner Party with anyone, real or imagined, famous or not...

     It's a fascinating question, and it took me in a direction that surprised me

     the first guest I would invite would be Warwick Wilson: he is a party almost by himself
 a perfect host like that needs a person of consummate good manners and infinite grace to play off of, and I think Dr Lecter fits that bill
Vann Siegert can bring the drinks- Funny, everything tastes a little of almonds

The fourth guest is Mr Thomas Ripley

to finish off the guest list...Tommy Spinelli

For the sake of honesty- I have to add that this is the whole guest list,- I would not be attending
     but I would film it...and I would watch to see if all five walk out. 

Other members of the league had these guest lists in mind

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  1. Apparently according to me roommate I Went for the Gimmick"

    title of my damn autobiography