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Sunday, December 14, 2014


     Let me start off by saying...there seems to be a lot of needless Bee-hatred out there- I know this is a character that Hasbro sells a lot of, and makes a lot of variations because they sell. Many fans seem to feel like Bumblebee has been thrust down their throats and they are choking on him. And you have had him thrust upon you here as well.

    This is no Camaro, or fictional muscle car. this is no illegal Art Feather Bee, an intellectual property theft of staggering proportions. This is your official, VW licensed G1 Bumblebee with Spike Witwicky in his Exo-Suit, next to Masterpiece Sideswipe for size comparison

Can we get a blue beetle repaint for Dresden Files fans?

I have often wondered how he fits in there- obviously his arms are not in the arms, and his legs are not in the legs

looking good

on this one my flash said "nyah, nyah, you can't make me fire!"

My review of him? He's fun. He looks good in both forms. He converts in 5 min or less without too much muss or fuss, but is complex enough to be entertaining to an adult

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