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Sunday, December 7, 2014

What Lies Ahead

    ...Is Headmasters.

     I had a hard time in my younger days with the concept of headmasters, targetmasters, powermasters, etc. I had a hard time with it for two reasons: The concept that sticking a human or a Nebualn on top of (or in the gun hand of) a cybertronian would automatically make him faster, stronger, or more skilled. I also had a really hard time thinking that a human, even one wearing special armor, contorted into the shape of a transformers head would be be either A)beneficial to the transformer or B) conscious and breathing, and not screaming in agony as bones bend in directions bones are not meant to bend. Nebulans...well,  they look like humans but must be really good at yoga.

     That said, I now have two Headmasters, one a third party from Toyworld and one an official Hasbro release

     Brainstorm- with partner Arcana: an incredibly simple, yet fun tranformation, and a beautifully designed figure in both modes; the one drawback here is that his headmaster is tricky to remove without destroying him

not the Milano

I fly a starship across the Universe divide And when I reach the other side...

forget my own head if it weren't...crap, it's not there is it?

Much better
    And here is Hardhead with partner Duros. This toy is pure, unadulterated win, and if you are at all interested, snatch him up while Bigbad still has him. from his three big guns, to his bayonet stored in a shin compartment, he continues to delight

Big tank

and Pilot

Combine to become a hell of a big bot with the look of a brawler

No, I'm not trading. it would look silly on you

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