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Sunday, January 4, 2015

How do you Stop a Charging Triceratops?

     So to continue my Prior post...

     Just before Christmas I placed an order for, and received the last of my Classics Styled Dinobots.

     Fansprojects Cubrar was to me the best looking aesthetic of the offerings I had seen from the various companies, and a pretty reasonable price by comparison. I had heard high praise of Fansprojects engineering and quality, but this was my first figure from them, compared with five from Toyworld.

     Once Called Slag, Hasbro officially changed his name to Slug- not for copyright reasons, but because Slag is an offensive word in some cultures

his Battleaxe is a tinier Man

     According to The Dinosaur Heresies(which I have mentioned before) and based upon the muscle attachment points found on the fossil bones, the triceratops was a fast, nigh-unstoppable charging behemoth, like unto a rhinoceros

where the bayverse Dinobots are "techno-organic" looking, and the Predacons are more organic, the G1 style Dinobots are pure robot- they are not really disguised, they look like robots in robot form, and robot dinosaurs in dinosaur form.

     Aesthetic-wise, they are not a 100% match. there are variances in gray, in gold, and in to chrome or not to chrome. But I like each of these pieces for various reasons, and  I like them all together, and that is what counts in my collection- how much I like it.


Are going to

need a bigger


and a wider angle camera

If you remain a slave to the lightbox, forever will it dominate your pics

    Tango was helping and playing nearby while I worked on these two posts

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