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Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Shelf Space

     I have wanted, lusted after, dreamed of, and finally purchased the Vittsjo shelf from IKEA thanks to a couple of IKEA gift cards for Christmas. I have been looking forward to this for a long while, since my first IKEA trip back in fall of last year (OK, feels longer)

I took some snaps during the construction, as her superstructure rose against the office skyline

Shelf Supports in

Middle supports and shelves

My roommate looked right at it and asked "when are you putting the shelves in?"
umm... well, there they are
and level as it gets

 and up go my toads, and my oriental decor

plus the JJ Abrams edition with lens flares

    Now who to put up? first, move some guys who are suffering from bad cluttered display

the Masterpieces
we are missing someone to enforce the Tyrest Accord. do we need to duly appoint
someone, or wait around for UltraMagnus?

My Dinobots and some Voyagers

 and some favorites

while by no means done-no display of mine can ever be done- I will always add, subtract, mess, and transform it. but for now- for this weekend...


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