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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Amazing Thrift Store Find

     I have spoken about our local ARC thrift stores before, on this blog. I like going there, sometimes to find the useful, sometimes merely the very weird. I work my way through it's aisles, an amateur ARC-ieologist looking for hidden treasure. I have found Louis L'Amour, Dan Brown, Tony Hillerman, even Jim Butcher in it's shelves and stacks.

     But every once in a while you hit something that makes you go "...No Way..."

     I love reading the Bloggess. Her writings (st)range from the really thoughtful to the almost fell out of my chair with laughter, with almost no dull filler. I have been making plans to pick up her book, when out of the clear blue thrift store sky...
A not quite pristine condition, but good condition nonetheless. I picked it up yesterday, I am about 2/3 through it. It is hard to put down, and I highly recommend it at any price.

      Thanks, Bloggess, for your wit, your wisdom, and your perspective. And thank Primus I have never been thrown a sudden bobcat, even a smallish one. (you'll have to read the book on that one...)

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