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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pushing the Limits

     We are Semi-snowed in here. I mean, we could get out if we needed to, but my need for warm, comfortable burrow trumps my need to go needlessly hunt toys that are not yet released. The doom-report of 21" of snow appears to be a non-thing tho, which pleases me,

     Preceeding the storm here, from my friends at BBTS and the excellent folks at Toyworld was the train I had to catch.

     Despite my immediate enthusiasm when I heard about "Devilstar" then "Evila Star", having him in hand is a mixed blessing. I have wanted a classics styled Astrotrain for a long time. he looks great in all modes. On the (deceptive) con side, however, he is a migraine made plastic to transform. I love intricate engineering, but in the case of this figure as a triplechanger, I think Toyworld hit, and pushed the limits of what could be done with a toy. Mine also had a slight assembly error(which I corrected) which had the panels which hold his nosecone and feet on the wrong legs. A careful swap by easing the pins out of their holes set him to rights.

Astrotrain and Blitzwing are the two classic Triplechangers of the Decepticons(Octane came later on), and I am happy to have him, but there are those Toys that I look at and think..."things I would rather do than transform him..." and the list is big. so Astrotrain will be spending most of his time in robot mode for display. Just like Toywolds Orion(Optimus)

Astrotrain does not use the same gauge track as HOS Optimus

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