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Monday, April 20, 2015

Early Birthday Present

     Where have I been? I've been wrapped up caring for my early present, the gift that likes to keep giving. The gift I have been trying not to share.

     Three days to my birthday, and I have what is presenting as a light head cold. By birthday zero hour, I am in the throes of what appears to be at least a 7 on a scale of 10 in terms of sinus infections. For the next few days, as I worsen, then improve, I work, then collapse at the end of the day. I manage to work most of my hours for the week. In between that, I binge-watch a new show I have discovered, Murdoch Mysteries. That one is highly recommended by me, BTW.

     Wednesday Night- after days of sleeping fitfully, and short, I take two nighttime cold remedy pills, and remember why I don't do that. It's because when I wake on Thursday, I don't. Wake. I spend the day squinting at my PC screen, reading and re-reading the words there through the Absinthine green Nyquil haze of the consciousness I am barely clinging to. My day ends, I nap, get up and play with Tango (who is pissed) and sleep.

     Finally, Friday rolls around, and I think I might survive. Yesterday, I met my sister at Ikea, and we shopped, picked up improved lights for my display case. Then we met my parents and had late-birthday KFC.

Which brings me to today. When I can finally sit, compose my thoughts and this post.

For more on Nyquil... Dr. Denis Leary's prescription- NSFW or kids

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