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Saturday, April 4, 2015

We All Knew it Was Coming...

      Just a quickie post about two CW shows...

     First off- The Flash... CW did it right from the very start- I didn't really like Grant Gustin when I first saw him on Arrow, but on the pilot of his own show, he shone. He brought all the optimism and hope to the character that Arrow was lacking for Oliver Queen. now don't get me wrong- I like Arrow, very much, but he's being played much more Batman than Green Arrow.

     Anyway... the Flash Episode titled "Tricksters" was I think my favorite of the season. In the original Flash TV series back in the 1990's (heavily influenced by Tim Burton's Batman) Mark Hamill played the Trickster. the new series gives more than a few nods to the old one, and this episode was no exception, and DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

     Mark Hamill may play a bland-ish hero on screen (yes, Luke, I mean that) but as a villain....OH-HO-HO-WOW! He left little scenery unchewed, and (spoiler) the great dramatic reveal to the younger Trickster(I AM YOUR FATHER) must have tasted sweet, echoing as it did his own career(endspoiler). If you have not watched this episode... you will love it. I personally guarantee it or your hour back.

     The Other Show is IZombie.  I started this one a little skeptical. figured it was a combination CSI/Autopsy show with a supernatural/zombie twist. And it is. And it is fun. The writing is tight and pop-culture referential, which has been pure win for all the seasons of Supernatural. My favorite Character on the show at this point is Clive Babinaux, followed closely by Dr Ravi.

the title of this post comes from this very moment in The Flash, Tricksters

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  1. To be honest Iv only watched 3 episodes of Arrow and a few more then that of The Flash. I didnt like what I saw of them in the start and quickly filled there time slots with something else. With Arrow I was less then willing to give it a chance because I wanted the Green Arrow from Smallville to spin off into his own show. I do how ever love Izombie! Im always more then willing to give Vertigo comics property's a shot. The CW for me is all about Supernatural, The 100 and Izombie .