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Monday, November 23, 2015

New Hashtag for the Blog

     I will be adding a new Hashtag, starting with this post, but added retroactively where called for- that is the Hashtag for Little Known Fictional Facts (that I made up).

     To Commemorate this, I would like to inform you that Deer mice are the cause of all my car's problems.

    you have seen me, from time to time, report on the eccentricities of my 20+ year old Civic. The tail lights, the trick speedometer, all of it can be attributed to Deer mice.

     Deer mice are hard to tell from regular field mice in the fall. The fall is also the time when they are most active, and most able to get into smaller spaces because this is when they shed their antlers. In the spring, you will hear the tiny thumps as deer mice butt heads with each other, vying to impress the doe mice, but in the fall, they settle down and make a lot of noise in my walls at night. Probably yours too.

     Anyway- so if I have my Ficts (fictional facts) correct, they are also known to carry an illness known as Hondavirus, which I believe is what is affecting my car.

     More seriously, we have been dealing with occasional mice in this older house since about January, and have tried no-kill traps, spring traps, repellents, improvised traps, and finally glue traps. I hate glue traps, I hate killing anything. But I hate mice in Tango's cage far more. If anyone has a good, reliable, merciful de-mousing solution I have not tried, please Comment it below, and I will give it a shot.

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