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Sunday, November 8, 2015


    Time to talk about a serious subject. Many of you out there are not bird people, and don't know about R'Kea.

What is R'Kea?

  R'Kea is a serious condition that affects one in three Conures. An ordinary, quiet, well behaved bird will suddenly burst out into loud, shrill noise, like so.

 What can I do to help?

     With your awareness and your help to spread the word, we can tell birds like Cappy that, no, it's too early for R'Kea, and they are waking up everyone in the damn house. We can tell them it's OK, and no, they don't need to R'Kea. We don't need R'Kea right now. we can tell them..."Use your words, Cappy"

    Please give birds like Cappy a chance; help us strive for a R'Kea free tomorrow

seriously, this is how Cappy talks to the birds in the other room, and in Nebraska

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