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Monday, September 5, 2016

If You Want to Get Technical...

     I spent a fair amount of time deciding just which version of Technobots/Computron I wanted. I finally elected to go with Takaras version, largely because of the choices they made for the limbs. Having him in hand I know I made the right choice for me. the Color choices and paint apps really pop and the figures used for Nosecone and Strafe were to me, the better choices- Hasbro re-used Brawl and Firefly respectively.

     The five technobots were created by Grimlock, in the episode Grimlocks New Brain using parts found in Unicrons head- He transferred all the intelligence he had so recently acquired into the combined form of the technobots, Computron.

The five Technobots are Scattorshot:

On the right is the Hasbro single release voyager
they both have their good points and bad points for paint apps




and Nosecone:

All of the Technobots are "autumns" but he rocks it

And they Combine to This:

Based on the earlier Silverbolt mold, the Takara release gives a new head and
new torso details more appropriate to Computron

His weapons are built to combine as well. I could technically stick
all the guns together but I don't want to

He gets the Tango stamp of awesome


  1. These look great.Unfortunately,my TF collection consists of a few hideous bay formers.Actually,I love my awkward and clunky bay formers.

  2. I love some of the bayformers too I just don't have as many displayed. There is some amazing engineering in those toys. The first bumblebee, the dotm bee and the aoe high octane bee are all favorites. And jetwing optimus has a prominent spot.