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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: House of Wax

     This one is tricky- My preferred scale for human type action figures is 3.75 inch, both because I have been collecting that scale since the 70's and because it stores well. I would need to pick one figure that represents the best of what I want to display, that can serve me and my feathery family well.

     I'm going to pause here and say even if my choice were Shia LeBeouf, I couldn't take the risk, I might bring home what I thought was a wax dummy and find that I got the Actual Shia doing a performance piece.

     I think that Tango and Cappy might like a Life-Size Groot but Cappy likes to chew bark, and Tango would not hop off to relieve himself, so there would be some cleaning, so I think... no

     Life-sized, lifelike Optimus Prime...well, I haven't the ceiling space for that. I would have to cut a hole in my ceiling and the apartment above and I really would only be able to enjoy his feet and part of his shins.

    The only super-detailed figure I have really been tempted by in recent memory is something like this Captain America figure from Civil War. The detail blows me away. I think I know myself well enough that if I had a likeness of any actress, even an ideal woman, that I would become bored or disappointed that she was not the real thing. I don't have a wish to play Pygmalion to some waxen Galatea.

     But a symbol- of doing the right thing for the right things sake, of loving your country not for what it is now but for what it can become, for inspiring people to the greatest ideals... That I can get behind and clear some space for.

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