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Monday, November 14, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: Future Collectibles

     What are the collectibles of the future? An interesting Question from

     What will we collect in the 2046? I think very much the same as we collect now. Since the great scale standardization of 2022, all action figures by Hasbro and it's subsidiary company Mattel are in a 4 inch scale. And since the Trade Agreement with China in 2023 made by President Perlman and Premier Chan, HasbroCorp's toys are both high quality and Affordable.

      The Transformers franchise is split into three main lines-

  • The Standard Line, for Kids and adult collectors, in legends, deluxe, voyager and leader sizes- the leader sized ones utilize micro-robotics to transform and interact. These lines include G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K. toys as well as the live action movie toys. 
  • The Masterpiece line, for adult collectors seeking high accuracy and quality. The Transformers Prime masterpiece Optimus, MP247 released this year and is considered definitive for the character 
  • the Artisan Line, producing pieces from independent third party designers, such as fansproject and mastermind creations. 
In addition to that, Hasbro's Marvel and Star Wars lines have gone back to the nostalgic 17 point articulation model that Collectors crave. The Addition of the Disney movie and TV lines in conjunction with the release of the live action Lilo and Stitch in 2032 was a huge hit, and these remain a much desired collectible to this day. 

     The initial rejection and successful re-release of Furby-AI (after it was redesigned to be a little less interactive) made the Furby-AI V.1 super-collectible, particularly in Japan. The V.2 is considered a safer , more kid friendly toy. 

     Merchandise for the current show, The Roaring Twenties, a series about the decade from 2020 to 2030 is very popular, as well as "retro" stuff from that time period, such as Shirts with President Perlman's caricature and the slogan, "Give 'em Hell, Boy!" or the bootleg video showing him arm-wrestling the Libyan Ambassador in the oval office in full Hellboy makeup.

Other League members Prognosticated:

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  1. Damn,I hope I'm still alive by then!Sounds promising!

  2. And in 2076, we'll all be collecting President Perlman memorabilia.

  3. I need to use my time machine! I can't wait! This sounds so cool!I mean come on M.a.s,k,!