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Monday, November 21, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: Gee, Thanks!

     I always do a Thanksgiving post, and this year I am doing one for

     Going to start Small and work my way up this time

     I'm thankful the election cycle, Long, drawn out, bitter and downright hateful as it has been is over, and hopefully we can get back to the business of being good folks again.

     I'm thankful for my employment, which allows me to live the way I wish, and pursue my passions

     I'm thankful for the new Hasbro/Takara toys, Titans return and Masterpiece; I'm thankful for the Third party companies who fill in gaps in my collection.

     I'm thankful for the Movie and TV Producers who continue to bring me entertaining content to fire my imagination.

     I'm thankful there are good, honest people in the world who treat each other with human decency and respect one another's basic human dignity. I think there are more of the quiet good ones than the loud bad ones, and I am thankful I think that.

     I am thankful for the skill of two bowyers, the one who made my two longbows and the one who made my recurve, 20 + years ago and still shooting. I am thankful I still have strength left to draw those bows. I am thankful for the invention of carbon arrows, which take almost everything can throw at them, (and everything I shoot them at) and keep surviving  to be shot again.

     I am thankful to live in a country I love.

     I am thankful for my family, the ones who laugh with me, and who supported me through good times and bad this past year. I'm thankful for my roommate, my neighbors, and my friends.

     I am thankful for the health I possess, and the ability to strive to make it a little better every day.

     I am thankful for Cappy, Sid, Apollo, Wallace, Ichabob, My birds and Sams. I am thankful for the two lovebirds collectively known as the Chibis, and individually known as Gingko and Ruby.

     I am Thankful for Tango, my best friend, my confidant, my source of joy and frustration. His 5th hatchday is this week,

     I am thankful for you, for taking a couple of minutes out of your day to read this. I'm thankful for my cohorts in the league and this opportunity to share traffic and readers

      Thanks, one and all! Go eat turkey (or tofurkey, or whatever it is you want)

and for your viewing pleasure and possible bafflement, a very red vs. blue thanksgiving...probably NSFW

And the league Spoke in thanks as well