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Friday, December 23, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenges

     As of 12/20/16, Cool and Collected decided to discontinue the Pop Culture League

     I'm sad about that. I really enjoyed the writing prompts, enjoyed the interaction and sense of community with the other bloggers. So what to do?

     I realized, that I know these other bloggers, the core group at least. I realized, that all I need is a dream, and a way to evoke interest, some evocative writing prompts of my own, and willing participants. I realized that while Cool and Collected paved the way, we can follow, if we have courage, and we can blaze the trail further. I'm going to give this a go, and I hope you will come along.

     Introducing: The Round Robin Challenge
     Ancient legend tells of a man who saw four robins flying in a tight circle. That man saw this "Round Robin" as a challenge to dare greatly, and to challenge others to excel as well. Thus came to be born,

So the technical details: there shall be one challenge per week. Whoever gets theirs in first(excluding the author of that weeks prompt) gets to select the next weeks prompt. hence- the Round Robin, or you can think of it like dealing poker, if you prefer.


  1. I like this.It gives you an incentive to beat everybody to the punch :) I'm down!

    1. Glad to hear it. I'm posting the first on Monday

  2. I'm in. I am just happy to be doing challenges :) I was considering starting a challenge myself if no one did by the new year, this is better, we all can do challenges at some point, we just need to be first. Great idea!

  3. sounds good. I had also thought about taking it over but I find it difficult to keep any kind off schedule.