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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Retro Revival Blog Challenge: Things You Never Had But Always Wanted

     You probably don't know this about me, but I love action figures...

(pause for laughter)

     There is probably not anything more obvious about me, based upon this Blog alone, than that I love action figures. And I have had a lot of action figures, from a couple of G.I. Joe 12" to a number of Mego Worlds Greatest Super Heroes, Star Trek(Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Klingon) and even Wyatt Earp from one of their collections. I have had Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Micronauts, Dukes of Hazzard, on up to the point where Mego faded into the Past.

     I've had Star Wars from the first sets from Kenner up to the Hasbro 3.75 Black series.

     So what could I wish for? I've had a great life as a collector, gathered and released a number of collections to focus on my Transformers, finally.

     My big regret is this, and this primarily. I grew up.

     This is not me having a weird peter Pan thing, where I want to be a child forever. And probably fight pirates.

     This is that I hit my teens when toys were getting really advanced. I was collecting transformers and playing transformers adventures out with my nephews when I was in high school, but you hit a point where all your friends are into cars, girls, sports, or what have you, and it's hard to hold on to that spark of childhood play. Mine almost went out after my first divorce, and the first Power of the Force II figures caught my interest and fanned it back into a glowing ember, and then a quiet flame.

     But I have run rather far afield from the topic, and now I need to get back on point.  What I would have loved as a kid but never had, would have been a better Millenium Falcon, more to scale. When I first got the Kenner Falcon, I loved it, but it was so...cramped. they tried to get everything that happened in the Falcon into a space of about 10" by 6" plus the cockpit. And sadly, that did not fly for my imagination. When the Big Millenium Falcon came out, Man I wanted that thing, but I couldn't justify the expense. Still can't, especially now that it's in collectors market prices

     So that one is going to stay a wish unfulfilled for the time being. Here is an outstanding review from a man who has one, and I will stay happy with my Masterpiece Optimus Prime and the other beloved articles on my shelves.

Here are the other entries:


  1. I also hit the age where toys became "baby things" when Transformers had just really hit its stride. At that point in time there was so many great toy lines out. Lucky I have always been a dork and never got into the sports , girl, car scene in my teens and as soon as I got my drivers license at 16 I was hitting the bins at Kaybee toys and hanging action figures on my bedroom walls.One thing I wanted and never got is something I still to this day want ,the Clash of the Titans Kraken. It was hard to find back then and is still hard to find.

  2. I followed an ebay auction for one of those for a friend, and it got sniped at the last minute if memory serves

  3. My older brother had the first Falcon that came out way back when, and when I was old enough to enjoy it, he had already reached that point of getting out of toys that you described. So while he retained actual "ownership" of the toy, I got to play with it all the time. I was big into G.I. Joe at that point, so it didn't matter what vehicle, weapon, or base Cobra had, the Joes had the friggin Millenium Falcon! That was great fun.

    Great read.