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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Avoid The Green Ones

"Don't eat the green ones, Kent; you wouldn't like the Green ones"    
 - misquoted from "A Fish Called Wanda"

I watched Total Recall (the Schwarzenegger one) and at 1:31 in the playback, the master villain kicks over his fishtank in a fit of pique; cut to a closeup of poor dying goldfish, gasping out their last, symbolic (I assume) of the martian workers he is starving of air.
     What follows is a woefully incomplete list of media containing GFV (gratuitious fish violence)

Jingo and Pyramids by Terry Pratchett


  1. to that list I am adding:

    Crocodile Dundee I and II

  2. The Milagros Beanfield War (fish head and bones are shipped to the land developer)
    Iron Chef (any episode featuring fish)
    Jaque and Julia In The Kitchen (any episode featuring fish)