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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


     It's time to talk about something serious: the difficulties in finding objects with a sufficient BAI.

     The BAI, or Bird Amusement Index of any object is not going to be immediately obvious. a colorful mirror with beads that slide back and forth, or a plastic ladder may look perfect to you, but do nothing for your bird. Said bird may instead be endlessly amused by chewing on the earpieces of your glasses instead, or by a colorful piece of cloth. Cat balls with jingle bells in them may actually infuriate your bird to the point of violence

     In the interest of Human/Avian harmony and play, I have included a chart detailing some of my observations. I hope it is of some help to you, and that you can offer up some solutions of your own to this nationwide problem

     Please help us make the BAI problem a thing of the past for a brighter tomorrow for man and bird


  1. Disagree on the wadded up paper. It has limited BAI due to the ease with which the paper disintegrates. One could go through an entire 250 page pack of paper in under a week. Okay, maybe that's pushing it. Two weeks would be about right.

  2. Durability is not a factor in BAI- you could go through 50 shirts a week with Aldo, and she would be amused the whole time. More so, for making you go through fifty shirts. BAI is all based upon OAAL(Observed Avian Amusement Level)