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Monday, March 17, 2014

League Assignment: My Latest Obsession

     I heard a comic(don't remember who) describe himself as OCD/with ADD- he was constantly changing what he was obsessed about, and I think the describes me as well

     I see....I covet. the images from 2014 ToyFair were bad for me, because I saw so much that I wanted that was not available yet, and would not be for some months. I know it gives me stuff to hope for but it also

Now I've seen the masterpiece bumblebee which I thought was second quarter 2014...and it is if you consider November to be 2nd quarter. I don't think anyone does. I saw the Mara Jade figure from the Star Wars Black series at Target and picked up Armada Starscream instead thinking I would just pick up Mara Jade next time(hah- ended up buying her from hasbro toy shop after a couple of frustrating weeks hunting) 
     but for my latest obsession, I have been learning about Conflict Materials. I have been learning about them, and mining them...Stone, Iron, Coal, Gold, Diamonds, Lapis, Redstone, all mined under armed conditions, where zombies, creepers, spiders, and skeletons are constantly trying to kill you.
     What I am trying, cleverly, to say is MINECRAFT
I'm not sure what draws me, whether it is the sense onf imaginary accomplishment when I find a good vein of minerals, or the feeling of exploring as I GO DEEPER but I feel like I have to mine a litte each day, and it's been affecting my blogging
     so now I find myself in a pimped out suit of magic armor, with an enchanted diamond sword, wandering through a lego-world of minable blocks and collecting  minerals, mining things, and generally wasting time entertaining myself...

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  1. I wish I could go to a Toy Fair, so much awesomeness!! Those photos of not-yet-avaliable stuff hurt!!