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Sunday, March 23, 2014

League Assignment: Why Did I buy That???


     This is a post about regret. not so much regrets about things I missed that I wish I had bought(lots of those) but about things I was kicking myself for afterwards.

     For me, the regrets fall into categories, and I will illustrate each category with an example.

  • Category 1: like it but I paid too much, A.K.A. the badgers curse. I tend to get frustrated searching, and buy things on line. nearly every time the arrival of my shipment corresponds with finding the item in the store. Ex: Bought Generations Sergeant Kup on Ebay, and found him at ToysR'Us about two days before my package arrived

  •  Category 2: bought it...hate it, A.K.A. this looked better in the package. Sometimes I make impulse buys, and live with the sadness of a not-thoroughly-researched collectible. Ex: Transformers Prime Beast Fire Predaking...he should have been so much more. He was built around a battery box and a light-up gimmick, and he suffers for it. Ex: HTFD Elita-1.... she's just sad- doesn't really hang together in either mode, and doesn't really look like anything as a robot

  • Category 3: Like it but I bought too much A.K.A. Man Overboard. I don't buy to invest (anymore) but for a while I was buying to customize. Buying up extras of Star Wars figures to repaint/part-swap and get that perfect expanded universe/role-playing character...well it seemed like a good idea at the time, and reasonable. Flash forward to me, selling what I can of TPM/POTJ figures and donating bins of same to the Goodwill, and just hating to go through them, but hating to have them here... 1990's comics fell into that category, and Todd McFarlane figures of all stripes

     Am I wiser? maybe. Sadder? probably. I like to think I learned to be more certain of what I really want, and how to take steps to get it. The future will reveal it's secrets in due time...

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