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Sunday, March 30, 2014

League Assignment- My Life in One Square Foot

league of extraordinary bloggers
     In the movie "Any Given Sunday" (which I have not seen, but probably should) Al Pacino's character, Tony D'Amato gives a speech about life being a game of inches. This is approximately a square foot of those inches. A square foot of stuff I love, stuff I need, stuff I sometimes struggle with...

     my PC-I spend a  lot of my life seated here, both for my paid job and my life outside it. Loaded on the screen is unrendered artwork in Carrara 8 of the Amateur Skeptics, of which I am a part. in the background, not fully intended, is my desk phone which I use on that paid job. In front of the monitor is Optimus Prime, who has guided me with his wisdom for a long time through his many incarnations.

     Scattered across my keyboard are my leatherman Skeletool(don't leave home without it, or save versus crippling urge to check and recheck pocket at -8), My Blood Pressure Medicine, and barely visible behind Tango, the Avengers on DVD. Note- this is the first time Tango has seen the new Camera, and he was UNFOND, hence he is within my steely grip rather than perching. He is also eyeing Optimus' Ion Blaster with an eye toward taking me out

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  1. Un LoritooOoOOOOooooo!!!! (A little ParroOoOOOooooooo!!)
    *head explodes because of extreme cuteness*

    1. he's an adorable bird- I know he has sold at least one other conure in the bird store just by being there with me(or as he sees it, installed one of his brothers in arms in the household of a human)- want more Tango? check the links under his name in the post, or choose almost any post on my blog under the label "Parrots"