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Monday, December 23, 2013

Transformers Prime part the first

     Re-watching Transformers Prime from season 1 before I watch the final DVD: Predacons Rising that wraps the series. I thought I would put up some thoughts on the franchise as a whole as I go through. I am midway through season 1 right now, so I don't feel like I have a fresh perpective to throw out on that season yet but...

    What is the show there for? To sell toys, and keep the franchise fresh between big screen movies. Let me state clearly: when I say "to sell toys" that is not neccessarily a bad thing. It is in the very best traditions of a storyline based upon a toy line to sell those toys and to make them appealing.

    That being the case, I thought I would give my thoughts on those toys, starting with the Autobots who got screen time on the show. The toys came in two waves- the First Edition toys and the Robots in Disguise toys. in most cases the First Edition toys are nicer, and more screen accurate, so I have used them here wherever possible

The First Autobot we see in the series is Cliffjumper, Voiced by
Dwayne(The Rock)Johnson. his time on the series is short but he makes
a big impression. The FE Cliffjumper toy has some marvelous engineering
including flip-out cannons in his arms

The Second Autobot to get screentime is Arcee voiced by Sumalee
 Montano and featuring almost no pink whatsoever. On the FE toy her rear wheel splits
in two and folds into her legs, which is a remarkable way to get it out of the way.
She does have a fair amount of "backpack" including her front wheel and handlebars

Bumblebee (voiced by random sound effects and eventually by Will Friedle
(more about that later) is an extremely nice toy(first edition again). All of his vehicle parts
nicely become his robot body with not much left over. if I have one complaint about this figure,
it was the fact that he only came with one cannon(I had to "borrow" the other)

FE Bulkhead(Aptly voiced on the show by Kevin Michael Richardson)
has engineering that goes beyond good and approaches "Crazy-Ass"
his vehicle sides sort of accordion out and wrap from his chest to his back. my
intial figure of him was the RID version, since FE bulkhead was not released in the states
until about a year after the initial FE release. The difference is measurable 

Ratchet is the characterization I actually find the freshest and funnest
on the show. Voiced by Jeffrey Combs he is grouchy, bad tempered,
and somewhat of a mad scientist. He did not get a first edition release,
and his toy, while having a lot of innovative features has one serious
aesthetic downside for me. His animation model indicates that his doors'
become part of his chest, and it appears they were unable to make this happen
on the toy, but instead had to give him sort of a "false chest" by molding the
doors onto it

This is sort of take two on this post, I managed to delete all my pictures and captions trying to remove one
Coming Soon: Part 2 with more toys!

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