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Sunday, October 12, 2014


     First: lets get out of the way he made this NSFW list:

     Another in a series of toys I never had the earlier versions of, the TF wiki says this about him: 

Nightbeat, a self-declared detective, loves mystery, suspense, and conspiracy. When Nightbeat is on the trail for clues, nothing else matters. This monomania has famously gotten him into trouble over his head more times than he can count, yet in the face of adversity, he remains cool, confident, and even irreverent. He has insulted creatures many times his size and committed huge faux-pas to uncover the truth. It is not so much that Nightbeat is brave, but more that, when the thrill of the hunt has him, he will not be denied.

There is Pro and Con here. I got the impression the original intent was to use the reveal the shield Jazz mold for this, but instead the 30th anniversary deluxe Bumblebee was used. The Jazz figure is in my opinion, a superior one. The Bumblebee kind of cheats and uses a false chest instead of flipping part of the hood over. On the Pro side, the color, the remolded head and the slightly harder plastic really benefit the figure and make it hold together better

     Overall, happy with the purchase

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