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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tool Man

     Interesting experience today- I went down to pick up my mail from my PO Box and was getting into my car when I heard: "Excuse me sir- can I ask you a question?" from a man approaching from down the street

     We all know what to expect- anything from a spare-change request on up to an offer to get right with The Lord (and I am satisfied with that particular relationship). I am however, constitutionally inclined to listen to such requests, even if I intend to say no, no thank you, or no spare change

     I got asked for tools: "do you carry tools? I need a wrench or something to get this bolt undone" and he pointed to a UHaul trailer across the street and down the block. Several possible responses flicked rapid fire across my mind, but I do carry tools in my car. I wasn't a Boy Scout but I made it as far as Webelos.

I pulled my car across the street, produced a ratchet set(not a Ratchet Set) and let them break the bolt loose, to unload kids stuff from within the trailer

     What was interesting was the reactions I got- apparently they were not actually expecting to get any help. They kept thanking me, and one man asked me if I was a vet- the implication being I suppose that only a serviceman would help out. Another man, well dressed, and not toting stuff-I assume he hired the other two- said in New York no one would have even looked at them, much less helped. He praised Colorado goodness and neighborly spirit

     I just figured if you have tools, help out- I have been helped out when I didn't have a tool on me. It's just what you do.

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