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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The True Terror of the Season

     Serious subject time: we have to talk about a subject that casts a pall over us all.....


I usually glance over them with a faintly amused eye, but this year, they came onto my radar and aroused both ire and pity because of this:

Slave Leia Cat Costume

My Niece in law(is that a thing?) had the best comment on this
"doesn't it need like three more bras?"
He'll freeze before he reaches the first marker

Then I'll see you in hell!

Judge him not by his size

Odie Wan Kenodie
Drop the Chalupas

Yo Quiero Taco Bell dressing a chihuahua like this racially insensitive?

That Armors too strong for blasters!

bet he'll get tangled in his leash though...,

And oh so many others

What there are not are bird costumes. I have spoken at length with Tango about this and he has confided in me. The reason there are no bird costumes is because they would all have to come with several boxes of band-aids.


Update: What Tango actually said was "you step up" for which a closer translation would be "there are not enough band-aids in the world"

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