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Monday, March 16, 2015

Distant Early Warning


     You might be wondering what that is. It's an Air Raid siren. It warns of an Air Raid.

     This is Air Raid. He completes the Aerialbots, and by extension, Superion. He arrived at the PO Box on Friday the 13th, and I picked him up.

So now I have all five...nay, SIX Aerialbots. you see, in my prior post, I did not mention that Powerglide is an Aerialbot now too.

The tough little minibot becomes a targetmaster gun for Superion

So here they are...

Alpha Bravo




And together, they form the first of the Autobot Combiners...Superion. The excitement of an autobot combiner back the 80's...what can I compare it to? We saw Devastator kicking autobot tail whenever he showed up, and then suddenly...the autobots had one too, and he was FIGHTER JETS!!!!

I have seen folks on forums Gripe and complain about the combiner wars stuff, but I will tell you with no irony or snark- I think they did a great job on these figures, and I am looking forward to the rest of the year, and 2016 beyond. The Protectobots are coming this summer, and who knows what lays beyond?

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