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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Christmas Wishes Coming True in Odd Ways

     A while back, I did a League post about Christmas wishes, and I wished for Project Uranos, a third party Superion figure

     Well, really what I wished for was a new Superion, with modern engineering.

     Hasbro's theme for 2015 is "Combiner Wars". And the first Combiner they gave us all the pieces to (sort of-more on that later) is Superion, formed out of the Aerialbots

Silverbolt-Voyager Sized Leader of the Aerialbots

Acrophobia is not a good trait in an

Skydive-Deluxe sized arm or leg

Anything you can fly, I can fly better

Firefly- Deluxe sized arm or leg

Take him out to the black
tell them he ain't comin' back

You can't take the sky from him

Alpha Bravo(...?where did he come from?)- Deluxe sized arm or leg

Get to da' choppah!

Dragstr...what the...?

yep, Dragstrip the stunticon- Deluxe sized arm or leg

My belief is that Hasbro was making a point that these combiners could be recombined in a large number of combinations, and would not rely on the original teams. Aerialbots Air Raid and Slingshot will follow in later waves to finish up the classic G1 team.

      So on to the development of the 2015 Combiners, or my theory of it. Some time ago, Hasbro came up with a line they called "power Core Combiners. they were not well received, given their size, and the fact that the limbs were not individual robots but vehicles haplessly drawn in and worn by the robot as limbs in a terrible run-on sentence. I bought one or two in this line but they never really drew me in. When I look at the new Combiner Wars, though , I can see their genesis in the power core combiners, with the same sturdy connecting port. Now however, we have five full-fledged robots with back-story and personalities behind them.

Impressive, huh?

but he's tiny....

      I know you want to see this bad-boy put together...

     Here we go. A La Voltron, hold the lions

Form Feet and Legs

Form Arms...

And Torso!

And I'll form the head!

 Each of the hands can become feet, and vice versa. and each have a different weapon built in. I'm highly impressed with the engineering

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