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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Fast and the Blurrious

      IfIwerewritingthispostinBlurrsvoiceitwouldlooklikethisso I won't.

      The TFWiki says this about him:

Blurr is positively and incontrovertibly without possibility of any doubt the fastest-thinking, fastest-talking and fastest-driving data courier and messenger from the planet of Cybertron, and if you or your friend or anybody else you know or anybody else you might not know or in fact anybody at all wants to send any kind of message or dispatch or parcel or data or in fact anything at all to any base or station or out-of-the-way depot, barracks, headquarters, outpost, or post office and it is absolutely essential to deliver it immediately or at the earliest opportunity and without any delay of any kind regardless of Decepticons or obstacles or foul weather or gloom of night then Blurr's the one to pick, sir, so just give him the good word and the item in question and Blurr is off like a Cybertronic race horse, if there were such a thing as a Cybertronic race horse, and if such a beast was able to break the sound barrier on land and leave only dust clouds and lingering after-images, because Blurr leaves only dust clouds and lingering after images, but he'll be off that quickly with your message in hand, and if any hostile power or enemy or Decepticon ambush should get in the way then he'll hit them with a blast from his electro-laser which will reverse the polarity of their microcircuits and they'll be stopped. Dead.

     Voiced by the Fast-Talking Pitchman John Moschitta Blurr was a fun character in the 1986 movie and the third season of G1. here and there, he has gotten an update, and you know me...I will show you the versions I have. 

     Oh, and the title of this post was almost "Blurred Lines" lucky escape, eh?

G1 Blurr from 1985 with his original stickers intact

Animated and Generations(Classic)
Generations is a mold-mate to Drift

There is a certain graceful charm to the animated version,
but he doesn't really have a neo-G1 Aesthetic, not for my collection at least

and Generations doesn't quite click for me either
Which is why I sweated



and Succumbed to SXS "Overclocking"
Of Course, He looks nothing like G1 Blurr...

Not a Thing

Nothing at All
There is a thread on Seibertron with a lot of feelings on this figure... Too big, Not G1 enough, not masterpiece enough. All I know is he works for me, and looks good on my shelf

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