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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Worthy Cause

     I'm going to tell a little story about Sid, before I get to the point.

     Sid came to our house because his prior family faced a choice. They have a daughter with developmental issues, and the strain of what were in essence two eternal toddlers was too much- They asked me, I asked Sam, and Sam took Sid in. I know this other family from my job outside the blog, and I they knew I was "bird folk" so they gave him up rather than trying the craigslist shuffle. They wanted him to have a good, loving home more than they wanted to sell a cockatoo and cage for $1000.

     Fast forward three Christmases and a little more- My friend is trying to get a bike for her special needs daughter. And she asked me if I could spread the word. She asked me if I could become an ambassador for her daughter. I asked if that gave me diplomatic immunity, and apparently it does not, but I decided to assist anyway.

I want to help, and maybe you do too.

Right now, you are asking how. All it takes is your vote.

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  1. Update- Stephanie won a bike. Tango says he gets first ride on it.