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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Order Disorder

     I don't have a neatness thing. I'm messy, cluttered, and stuff that needs to be organized can sit untouched until a foot of dust grows on it and archaeologists are searching for mosquitoes in amber to make dinosaurs.

     What I have is this random, inconsistent need to put things where they go, or keep them with what they go with.

     Example: this morning, I started my PC and saw that the USB cable for my camera was hooked to it, but no camera was in evidence. I had to locate the camera, moved by parties unknown(Sam) so I could put the cable back in the case.

     Other examples

  • I can't stand to see the wrong lid used on a pan or a piece of cookware
  • if a transformer is mistransformed, it sits at the back of my mind until I FIX IT
  • if something in my displays is knocked over, or out of place, I will knock over everything else to fix it. 
  • books out of place
  • DVDs out of place
  • DVDs or books I can't find when I want to
  • misfiled files on the PC

     This issue has benefited me as well as harming me. It has allowed me to keep 30-40 year old toys pretty much intact, with all accessories. I has allowed me to spot issues with items and fix or replace them before they get worse. it has helped me with detail work and troubleshooting both physical and mental. 

      It can be a pain in the butt though. Particularly when it strikes first thing in the morning, and you can't do anything else until you find that camera...

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