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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Young Guns

     I have talked here on these pages about the 1986 Transformers Movie- I don't really think I have talked about Hot Rod/Rodimus- not a lot at least.

     For a character that was given to us, nay thrust upon us as the savior of the Transformers, who would use the Matrix to light their darkest hour, he hasn't gotten a lot of love. Fans are divided on him. Some love Hot Rod, Some Rodimus Prime. And some hate both.

     He was Brash, Intelligent, somewhat Foolhardy, and had a lot of Leap before Looking-ness going on. These were all qualities my Teen-aged self could really relate to. He had the self-confidence that I would have liked to possess, and I have a lingering soft spot for him. The character of Smokescreen on TF Prime was based on him, and made me buy a toy or two.

     I had high hopes for MP-09 Rodimus, but he was fiddly in his transformation, and felt fragile to me. I have the Toys R'Us version, and the first one had to go back for exchange for damage. I never fully trusted the replacement, never really got him into vehicle mode correctly, and just hoped for some third party company to fix me up.

     And then they announced MP-28. MP-28 was not Rodimus Prime, he was Hot Rod to the core, and scaled to the other Masterpiece cars. Since it was Hot Rod, the character, that I treasured, this sounded like the version for me.

I had my hopes up. I really did.


This is G1 Hot Rod

For his Time, a lot of fun
TF Animated Hot Rod... very cool but lacking my G1 aesthetic

He lasted about one scene in the Cartoon series
This is the Classics Rodimus- about 85% perfect

Not fond of his elbow joints- I'm picky- or his weapon
MP-28 is really the definitive version

His vehicle mode matches the animation model

and with drop down targeting goggles
     so, I mentioned I am mostly satisfied

     My Small gripe is this: he has a matrix chamber, but no matrix. The chamber is for the MP10 matrix, to play out the matrix passing scene

     And there is a coin

and there are more coins...

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