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Friday, April 8, 2016

The Fanservice Awakens

     What can I say(spoiler free) about Star Wars VII? First thing I can say, spoiler free is that I started this post last year. It was intended to be the last post of 2015, rather than happen in 2016- as it stands, I actually waited until the DVD comes out, because I am either that much of a procrastinator (possible)(I will check on how badly I Procrastinate in a week or so) or because my feelings are that complex

     I was cautiously optimistic about it, but Star Wars has hurt me before...

     OK, that's not quite true- I'm not a victim. I've hurt me before, and Star Wars was involved. Star Wars became a hurtful obsession, like nothing since- there were collectibles, a running Star wars Based RPG, and finally just a sad, tired dislike of so much of it, and the space it ate up. I dumped the books, a lot of the toys, and the running RPG was a casualty of my divorce. My ex mentioned starting that up again but I felt that it would just spark confused feelings.

     When I saw the movie in the theater, it felt like 1977 again. And it was designed to. TFA follows a very successful formula- that of ANH.

  • Desert planet? Check
  • Cantina scene? Check
  • Escape to the rebel(resistance) base? Check
  • Superweapon? Check
  • Trench run? Check! Check! Check!

     The first two times I watched it, I watched in the theater, lost in wonder. With me on the first visit were my sister and my niece- Second time, Sam. On DVD at home, I noticed the actors...the new leads. and the Fanservice

     John Boyega (Finn) reacts to the familiar lines with a moment of "I Can't believe I get to say this!" which makes me think (and I verified) that he is a huge fan, living out his week at star wars camp.
Not that his performance is anything other than stellar-  there are just the glimpses of "oh-my-god-I'm-talking-to-Han-and-Chewie" that show us the fan within

     Daisy Ridley turns in a magnificent performance as Rey, and the mystery of her parentage is driving the internet crazier than usual. Well, wonder no more- you remember how Anakin was born of the force itself, with Shmi Skywalker as his mother? well Rey is the same way- Luke is her Father and her mother is the force. You heard it here first, or if I'm wrong I was kidding ...(backup theory- her mother is Kaylee Frye )
     Rey makes me think of what Shmi Skywalker would have been, had she not been Watto's slave- a natural force sensitive with a particular skill with the inner workings of things. 

     Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) is not the big Star Wars Fan that his uncle is, but attacked Poe with enthusiasm and left us wanting more. His character is exuberant without being arrogant, and very realistic about motivations.

     And the opening shot of the Falcon... well played. 

     Bottom line for me, The Force Awakens looks to be a movie for the fans, by fans, to bring fans back to the franchise. It shows love and devotion to the franchise that I personally feel Lucas had lost by the time he did the prequels.

     I have to tell this story- it made me ridiculously happy. Maybe even Furiously Happy

     So I didn't like the initial price for the movie at Walmart, or Target($20 each) and went to BestBuy($18). I ordered online for store pickup, and picked it up last night. Up to the customer service counter I went, gave my name, gave the item, and the clerk brought it out.

     And then he asked if he could verify my identification...

     Up comes my hand, vague wave..."You don't need to see my identification".

     Of course, he was wise to it- he was already smiling by the time my hand got to JMT Position 1. Up comes his hand, vague wave..."that is not going to work on me."

     Price of admission, right there. Good times

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  1. Love the exchange with the store clerk.I'm no Star Wars fanatic but will have to see this on Blu Ray at some point.