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Monday, January 2, 2017

Round Robin Challenge: Fire All Over,Fire All Over!

     A fear-inducing meditation from
     Fear inducing- yes, I said it, and meant it. Toy Break hit upon one of my big fears.

     Now, we do have an evacuation plan for the birds. we have travel cages, and a bug-out bag with food and emergency toys. So in this scenario, Sam is outside watching over the cages adn I am running back in for ...What?

     I'm giving myself an Ikea bag's worth. Cheating? Probably. But it will keep my anxiety level low enough to finish the post.

     So once more into the breach I go, through the smoke and haze, trying to control my breathing and not start coughing. Into the bag I throw MP10 with trailer, MP Ironhide, MP Starscream, and MP Bluestreak.

I throw my favorite Luck-Toads, my Jetwing Optimus, a handful of Terry Pratchett books.


      From my room, I throw my medicine box, and across the bag between the straps I throw my favorite longbow and quiver of arrows. I throw my longsword from a Renaissance festival long ago. Lastly, I throw my Musashi Katana on the pile and run like hell. Go love on my scared birds and alternate between thankful that I saved what I did and heartbroken at what was left behind.

     These kinds of thought problems are supposed to show you what you really value, and it does show you what you would grab in the moment. But for me, they are always an exercise in second-guessing. What about my other masterpiece transformers? Sideswipe, Rodimus? I can't save some without betraying others. The book Mom put together of her memories, down on the bottom shelf, next to my books of philosophy and my D&D books? Every choice I make rejects multiple other things, and I even have a hard time choosing what gets taken out of display rotation for a little while.

     One of the Terry Pratchett books I would certainly grab contains a quote about this very thing, and I am going to end with it.

“Walter Plinge said: "You know she asked me a very silly question Mrs Ogg! It was a silly question any fool knows the answer!"
"Oh, yes," said Nanny. "About houses on fire, I expect..."
"Yes! What would I take out of our house if it was on fire!"
"I expect you were a good boy and said you'd take your mum," said Nanny.
"No! My mum would take herself!"
"What would you take out then, Walter?" Nanny said.
"The fire!” 
Terry Pratchett, Maskerade

And from my fellow Social media mavens

  • Toy Break started this by taking out his Marvel Secret Wars figures( he didn't start the fire/ It was always burning / Since the world's been turning...or possibly Billy Joel started it)
  • Green Plastic Squirt Gun saved his Aquatic best
  • Alexis' Universe Saved the vintage first
  • The Toy Box grabbed the star wars videos- Good choice!



  2. Good choices, love the frogs, however I don't see you getting that all done in a minute but then I doubt I'd get mine done either lol.

  3. Sam said for the record she could grab all my masterpieces and bag them in an Ikea bag within a minute, and I believe her. she is a master-packer. she can put most of a house in the back of a Honda civic, and she is a nightmare to watch on tetris.

    1. actually, she said she could clear my shelf in under a minute...