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Friday, January 13, 2017

Round Robin Challenge:My Heroic Origin

     When I crafted this challenge for
     My intention was to go all in. I have crafted many an heroic tale over the years in various RPGs, with one sad Caveat; they were all intensely derivative of what I was reading at the time, or had seen, or what have you. Maybe I bought a lead figure I really liked, and the origin came together "as inspired by..."

     So my intent here was to craft the ultimate origin- Spin a tale of the last son of a dying world, adopted by parents on earth who were subsequently murdered in an alley, leaving the young hero to be in the care of his aunt and his uncle, who teach the boy responsibility and bestow upon him a power ring and a super-soldier serum to enhance his natural powers. From there he learns the mystic arts until he is bitten by a genetically engineered spider on the way to his uncle's funeral. The spider venom opens him up to the cosmic rays normally filtered out by our atmosphere. This causes him to somehow spend five years trapped on a hellish island where the only way to survive was to teach himself archery. Yep, Martin Stuart McKenzie was going to be a force to be reckoned with. Even before he was blinded and all his other senses were heightened to an godlike level.

     But that intent has changed. because I have had an epiphany, or apotheosis, or something. I accepted that I do have powers, and I use them.

Inborn mutation: my greatest strength is my greatest weakness, I have an inhumanly low threshold of entertainment. I can literally find entertaining things that no other human will enjoy. Case in point, Gods of Egypt. While this makes me happy and easily amused, it also causes me to be fatally distractable, as my archenemies have discovered. To combat this, I have spent years in mental training and preparation. learning to cloud the minds of others.

Mental training: I have trained since the time I was very young, studying the teachings of the great masters like George Carlin and Robin Williams, Mitch Hedberg and Stephen Wright. My skill allows me to say just the right thing to make a random passerby think "...what the hell did I just hear?" while at the same time making them think..."Is he joking? he seemed serious"

My Mission on this Planet: to draw peoples attention to the inconsistencies around them, and to make them more aware. I cloud minds to make the sun brighter when it re-emerges. The stealth Facebook snark can have a strong effect on the unaware.

     Do you think you know my story? Who am I? I am...


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  1. You are more than welcome to join me,Flatman,In any one of my heroic adventures!And Could you bring a spatula?I seem to have wandered out into the street again.