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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Round Robin Challenge : Surprise inheritance

Surprise inheritance:  A long lost and previously unknown to you relative has left you the healthy sum of $5000.00 with the stipulation that you have 24 hours to use it on you're choice hobby or it will be sent to a charity dedicated to gold plating the light switches of millionaires. You cant let those one percenters take your inheritance! Lets spend some money!

     In my family I am more likely to be the eccentric relative telling someone to blow $5000 on toys than the inheritor. that being said... How fast could I go through that money? How fast COULDN'T I?

     I would begin, I think, with Masterpiece Transformers I don't yet have, Including 3rd party ones

then I would spend about $200 buffing up my Avengers and Star Wars Black/Vintage with missing pieces-plus another $600 or so on that 2.5 Ft Millennium Falcon

But Where to display all this? Four new shelves from IKEA ($240) plus lighting($600) and a table($49)

I would sink $300 into Gift certificates for future purchases at my online merchants and About $500 into Vet Checkups and toys for my birds. The last of it would go into a computer rebuild and upgrade, at Microcenter on the way back from IKEA

That being said...who has $5000 for me? I'm ready to get started!

My Cohorts had their own shopping agendas:
Green Plastic Squirt Gun Came up with this, and has his stuff picked out
Toy Break went through his $5000 without breaking a sweat
For Alexis' Universe, Knowing what she would buy is half the battle


  1. Good thing everything you wanted was in stock ,lol.

  2. Nice choices there, I can understand wanting the Masterpieces and third party tf's.

  3. Im still on the fence with the third party stuff, I mean it really is high priced knock off / bootleg type stuff .

  4. I shared my thoughts on that here- some are knock-offs, some are labors of love