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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Round Robin Challenge: Behind the Music

A Coast to Coast Dedication from

     I'm Cliffy Crankcasem, and this is the story behind our number six song this week,

     A Few Months before this song was written, the A little Bar in northern Wyoming was the starting point of a massive manhunt for the worst serial killer in Wyoming history. O'Malleys bar was the scene where Julie,the killer, would meet with Keith, the philandering man she was obsessed with. 

     He would grow bored with their relationship, and search the newspaper ads in the personals, looking to meet someone new. They would arrange to meet, and his girlfriend would waylay his new interest, and meet him instead. She would use the psychopath's ability to cunningly show the behaviors and interests he expected to see. Later, after the date, she would drive the other woman up US14 to Bighorn National Forest. There, she would dismember  the body and bury the remains. 

     It was a rainy night in late July when a woman named Dierdre Bowens  was almost Julie's 29th victim. Evading the shovel swung at her, she staggered into O'Malleys bar with Julie hot on her heels, and full into the view of Keith and everyone else gathered within. 

     Julie was fully prepared for another impersonation and another new romance with Keith, but not Prepared for the desperate run to the Bighorn forest. She was never caught, because her car went off the road but they never found the body. 

     So here with a murder mystery turned into a pop song, is Julie's story. Because the girl she was set to impersonate, Dierdre...liked Pina Coladas and walks in the rain...

And now with the top songs this week...
  • Toy Break takes us back to 1984 with a personal anecdote about...Missing You.
  • Alexis' Universe comes in with a long distance dedication from her Mom with You Are Not Alone


  1. Ha Ha,awesome twist!You've forever changed my perception of this song.

  2. LOL! great story. I loved it and would have heard Casey's voice but forgot he was Cliffjumper in G1!